STATUS Practice Success Program!

First, we analyze your practice to see how it matches up to the "requirements" of Alternative Healthcare Consumers: your patients. How is your Practice doing at Attracting, Satisfying, and Keeping New Patients and how is that affecting growth? To what Stage of Growth has your practice attained? We will call you to set up a phone consult to Set-up your STATUS Online Homepage.

Second, we help you set Goals and Objectives that are real, reasonable, and attainable Quarter after Quarter.

Third, you or your staff, begin to enter your Daily Statistics into your personal STATUS Practice Management Website. With 15 reports, you can Monitor and Manage, your Performance and Production toward attaining your Goals. Every quarter, during the first year, you'll receive an Analysis Report, identifying problem areas with recommendations.

Fourth, we provide 3 Training programs to empower you and your staff to compete and succeed in the New Era of Alternative Healthcare.

Fifth, you have unlimited contact with us through telephone and email.

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