Front Desk Training Program
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The STATUS Front Desk Manager Training Program is a key component of the STATUS Practice Success Program.

The Front Desk Training Program includes:

New Patient Process Management Quick View: An Outline of Front Desk Management from the New Patient Phone Call to Lifetime patient status
The Front Desk New Patient Process: Every Component of Processing a New Patient
The Unified Case Process: Coordinating with the Doctor to Successfully Process Each New Patient
Case Presentation Plan: Setting up the New Patient According to the Doctor’s Treatment Plan
Appointment Book Management: Extensive Training on How to Manage Patients’ Appointments; Keeping Patients On Track and Dealing with Missed Visits
A to Z Monthly Tracking Procedure: A Process to Monitor Patient Activity; Both Collections and Appointments
Managing Inquiries: Appointment, Financial, and Treatment Inquiries.  Dealing with Patient Issues that Affect Practice Success
Re-Report in the Patient Process: Coordinating with the Doctor in Scheduling Re-Reports
Forms, Report of Findings Booklet, and Appointment Calendars: Everything You Need to Process New and Existing Patients
Chiropractic New Patient Process Components: The New Patient Process from New Patient Acquisition to Lifetime Patient Status

Register Today.  Your Front Desk Manager is the operational center in your practice.  This program will equip your Front Desk Manager to produce practice success.