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The STATUS Business Training Program is provided Online in your Member Homepage.  Once you Register as a Member, this training is available to you.  The Business Training Program provides a new Practice Success Business Model for Chiropractors in the New Era of Practice Management.  Everything that has been missing from Chiropractic as a business is in this training.  It represents the “foundation” of every successful business in America today and it’s where you begin with the STATUS Practice Success Program.

The Business Training Program includes:

The Chiropractor as Business Owner: How to Compete in the Current Market as a Business
Self Image Evaluation: How You See Yourself as a Doctor and How You Relate to Patients
The Objective of Every Business: How to Attract, Satisfy, and Keep New Patients
Business Processes, Procedures, and Management: How Businesses Operate to Succeed
The DMAIC Model of Process Management: The Chiropractic Business Processes
The Law of Accumulation: How Every Practice Grows
The Case Type Paradigm: Understanding What Patients “Want” from you and How to Provide Patient Satisfaction
The New Patient Continuum: Creating Lifetime Patients
The Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility: Why Patients Drop Out of Treatment
Vertical and Lateral Growth: How to Generate and Accentuate Practice Success
The Growth Point Model: How to Grow Your Practice, Today, Tomorrow, and Until You Reach Practice Maturity
Growth Over Time: Learn How Growth works, Little by Little Over Time
Statistical Management: Managing Doctor and Staff Performance and Production.

Register Today.  Empower your Practice to compete and succeed in the New Era of Alternative Healthcare.