Doctor Training Program
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The STATUS Doctor Training Program is a Major component of the STATUS Practice Success Program.

The Doctor Training Program includes:

The Unified New Patient Process: How to Process a New Patient for Practice Success
Consultation in the Case Process: The 5 Keys to the Consultation: Subjective Information
Examination in the Case Process: The Goal of the Exam: Objective Information
X-Rays in the Case Process: The Crucial Importance of X-Rays to The Patient, the Report of Findings, and Patient Compliance
Case Presentation Plan: Planning your Case and Preparing for your Report of Findings
Report of Findings Process: A Process, Based on What Patients Want from You, for Delivering a Report with Impact for Patient Compliance
The First Adjustment: A Complete Process Walk Through for Patient Bonding
Patient Education: Visit-to-Visit Interactions that Keep Patients Engaged to Encourage “Follow Through” with Treatment
Processing Inquiries: Appointment, Financial, and Treatment Inquiries.  Dealing with Patient Issues that Affect Practice Success
Case Plan Continuation to Lifetime Status: Dealing with Patients after the Initial Treatment Plan
Re-Report in the Patient Process: When, Why, and How to give a Re-Report
Chiropractic New Patient Process Components: The New Patient Process from New Patient Acquisition to Lifetime Patient Status
Forms, New Patient Financial Worksheets, and Appointment Calendars: Everything You Need to Process New and Existing Patients

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