Our Vision/Mission: “ No practice has to fail and every practice can and must succeed for Chiropractic to gain the preeminent position in the Alternative Healthcare Market!”

In the New Era of Alternative Healthcare, for many Chiropractors, the traditional practice management methods fall short of producing a growing and profitable practice.  The reason is the healthcare market has changed.  Currently, many traditional healthcare providers are offering complimentary alternative approaches (CAA) to patients in order to meet the patients’ requirements for service.  While many of the alternatives are making headway in the marketplace and succeeding, Chiropractic seems to be waning in a marketplace where it should and could “own” the preeminent position.

In such a competitive market, Chiropractic must get in touch with its patients as never before, if each professional as well as, the profession as a whole is to grow and prosper. STATUS Online Practice Management provides a unique solution to both emerging and existing Chiropractors because it corresponds to the real demands in the healthcare marketplace: fulfilling patients’ requirements!

STATUS was created by, Lynne Brown, DC and David Brown, to provide a means for every Chiropractor to have access to a full range of new and modern Online Practice Management services at their fingertips for a nominal monthly fee. 

With Chiropractic only treating 10% of the market after 100+ years and many Chiropractors failing in business after start-up, the Goal of STATUS is to provide a solution that any Chiropractor can use to insure success in the New Era of Chiropractic Management.

Over the last 20 years, David and Dr. Brown have studied Chiropractic New Patients in their own offices and in many other practices.  What they have learned is that patients have preferences as healthcare consumers.  The outcome of their work is The STATUS Practice Success Program.  This program produces practice success for doctors at any Stage of Practice Growth, from Start-up to Beyond.  This powerful program incorporates two proprietary business models.

The Case Type Paradigm® is a model of consumer preferences developed by the Browns and applied to Chiropractic so that each doctor can know from the start what each new patient wants from them.  This creates satisfied patients from the first day.

The Growth Point Model® provides a complete solution to knowing what makes a practice grow and how to produce the fastest and highest growth potential.

In order to manage any business, you must set goals and objectives, monitor production, and manage performance. STATUS provides an unparalleled Online Statistical Management System.   For Chiropractic to grow and increase market share, all chiropractors must grow and become profitable.   You can positively change your practice in three months and set your business on the road to continuous growth and financial success for good starting right now.  In the New Era of Alternative Healthcare, STATUS is the unique answer for every Chiropractor!

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