There are three basic scenarios of practice failure: A practice Starts-up improperly and fails within seven months; a practice holds on through Start-up but can't get past the Start-up to Low Stages of Practice Growth and the doctor can't make an adequate living; a practice grows to a certain Stage of Growth and increases its overhead, the practice hits a Plateau and stagnates, stops growing and declines, the doctor can't pay the bills and the practice fails. All three of these practice failures have the same source: Not knowing what makes a practice grow!

At STATUS Online Practice Management our Vision/Mission states that no Chiropractic practice has to fail and that every Chiropractic practice can and must grow. Our program is designed to impact the growth and profitability of every Chiropractic practice.

If your practice is failing, don't give up. Our program will get you up and growing within the next three months. Wherever you are today does not have to dictate where you can be tomorrow.

It actually takes one day to turn a practice around; the day you choose to "not fail" and choose to Register as a Member of STATUS and begin our Practice Success Program. Over the next three months you'll be empowered to grow and succeed where you almost failed. You can have the practice you always wanted.

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